Monday, November 10, 2008

Taking on another epic endeavor...

I've decided it's time.

If you've ever had it in your head to start a new project, or you've had an idea floating around in your head for so long you think it's just another ghostly haunting of a pipe dream that will never come to fruition, then you know that there are times when inspiration comes from the strangest sources.

My friend and ex-gradeschool "cartoonist" rival Megan Gedris has a couple of stunningly well-written webcomics (also in print) that keep that small hope in me of making it big in the art industry while still hailing from Grand Rapids a reality.

Her comic that I follow most religiously, YU+ME,  in my opinion, has "cult-phenomenon" written all over it. Given that she has printed editions and shirts and all that available, I'd say she's definitely giving her fans what they want. Were I a rich man, I'd buy some myself; but I DO have a commemoritive autographed edition of Lesbian Pirates from Outerspace, so when the shit hits the fan and she's making millions and being stalked by fanatics the world over
, I shall reap the benefits of having been her arch-rival in 5th grade.

She sent out a letter on DeviantArt notifying everyone that she would publish their illustrated stories under her company's name if they met the given criteria. This is where the aforementioned inspiration/kick in the pants came from. I said to myself, "Good grief! This girl's got three comics that I KNOW about and now she's helping other people kickstart THEIR dreams with her award-winning good fortune? I am a pathetic excuse for a working artist."

Such is the nature of art; you surround yourself with creative people not to compare yourself and feel like crap about your own work, but to feed off eachother's drive and energy and always strive for self-betterment.

And that's it! I'm making a comic of my own; or "graphic novella" if you will. And here's the logo!

That's all you get.

Until next time.

-Matt G