Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So the semester has come to an end and the grades I have received harken back to my senior year of high school: It basically looks like I stopped trying.

I can fortunately live with myself, for to the untrained eye, it may APPEAR as though I gave up, but on the contrary! I worked my bum off this semester and my work shall blow the socks off of my teachers...when it actually gets done.

Yes, the major issue of my descending grades was that I didn't finish anything. I just completed my website, and now need only to upload it to the world wide webz, and Pizza Jockeys II has become the world's biggest time suck, but I have a feeling it will be well worth it.

I'm delaying the website because, for now, this blog is hard enough for a man of my attention span to update on a semi-regular basis and also because I'm poor but ALSO...(drumroll)

I have just become an intern at Biggs-Gilmore in Kalamazoo!

I am beyond stoked for this and I can't wait to learn a crap-load of stuff from professionals in the field.

The City That Ate Me is still in the works, but the biggest problem has been manipulating ComicPress so that I can make it look like something other than a toilet bowl after a New Year's party.

More to come!


Hell, MI Fan art stuff

So I did this for mister Workhorse Illustration himself, Mr. Scott E Fresh, and his stellar comic Hell, MI.

Sorry it took so long, yo.

Better late than never, I say!